13. Octet in A

This four movement work was written for the Canonbury Wind Players in 1986. It is written in the unusual key of A, because the oboists declared themselves to have had enough of flat keys, and the clarinettists wanted to make more use of their A Clarinets.

Those who feel that any work composed in th 20th Century should be in a "contemporary" idiom (which usually involves the use of plenty of discordant sounds), or should "find new means of expression", will find my octet deeply disappointing. It is thoroughly conventional, using such old fashioned techniques as tunes, harmony, and a recognisable musical structure. Let me know if you enjoy it.

Francis Roads
September 2011

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Ob CA Cl/A1 Cl/A2 Hn1 Hn2 Bn1 Bn2