Wind Octet Downloads

CA:Cor AnglaisO>CA:Oboe doubling Cor Anglais
Cl/A:Clarinet in ACl/B: Clarinet in B flat
Hn:Horn in FBn:Bassoon
CB:Contrabassoon >:Doubling
Octet:2 Ob 2 Cl 2 Hn 2 Bn
Octet (CA):Ob CA 2 Cl 2 Hn 2 Bn
ad lib.:Optional parts

These compositions and arrangements for wind octet, with or without extra instruments, were written for the Canonbury Wind Players, a now disbanded amateur ensemble of two each of oboes, clarinets, horns and bassoons.

Click on the title to reach a page with a description of the piece, and score and parts download options. Parts are available as pdf files; the score may be downloaded as either a pdf or Sibelius Scorch file. More information about the latter is here (opens in a new frame.)

1Danish Double QuadrilleTraditional, arr. FROctet + 2 Fl ad lib.4' 18"
2Bluebell PolkaTraditional, arr. FROctet + 2 Fl ad lib.1' 48"
3Canonbury MarchFrancis RoadsOctet + 2 Fl & CB ad lib.2' 82"
4Canonbury SuiteWidmann/Susato arr. FROctet10' 10"
5EightsomeTraditional, arr. FROctet5' 21"
6Gelobet sei der HerrJ S Bach, arr. FROctet (CA)4' 2"
7GoulashFrancis RoadsOctet + 2 Fl & CB ad lib.2' 21"
8Leap FrogFrancis RoadsOctet + 2CA; Ob1 & 2>CA12' 25"
9Liberty BellJ P Sousa arr. FROctet + 2 Fl & CB ad lib.2' 35"
10Magnetic RagScott Joplin arr. FROctet 5' 53"
11The Mason's ApronFrancis RoadsOctet (Ob1 & 2>CA) 20' 34"
12Five Songs without WordsF Mendelssohn arr. FROctet (CA)10' 7"
13Octet in AFrancis RoadsOctet (CA) 23' 29"
14Arrival of the Queen of Sheba G F Handel arr. FROctet2' 58"
15The Churchfields StompFrancis RoadsOctet + 2 Fl & CB ad lib.2' 20"
16Rag for MGBFrancis RoadsOctet + 2 Fl & CB ad lib.4' 11"
17Sunday AfternoonFrancis RoadsOctet + 2 Fl ad lib.5' 56"
18Symphony No. 4 in FWilliam Boyce arr. F.R.Octet6' 52"
19Scherzo from Organ Sonata No. 5 in C minorAlexandre Guilmant arr. F.R.Octet (CA)5' 59"
20Clarinet PolkaAnon. arr. F.R.Octet1' 55''
21Military PolonaiseFrédéric Chopin arr. F.R.Octet + Flute/piccolo4' 36''
22Suite from TerpsichoreMichael Praetorius arr. F.R.Octet + Flute/piccolo16' 40''