15. The Churchfields Stomp

The Churchfields Stomp was composed in 1971 for the children of Churchfields Junior School, South Woodford, to play on their recorders (in the key of C), when all the printed music then available was too easy for them. It has since reappeared in various guises. This version was made for the Canonbury Wind Players. The flute and contrabassoon parts are an afterthought, and are ad lib.

It became traditional for the first clarinettist of the group to improvise freely during the repeated section from rehearsal letter I onwards. Other clarinettists should feel free to do likewise.

Click on "Score" or the various part abbreviations to bring up in new frames printable and downloadable sheet music. Green type shows the ad lib. parts.

Fl1 Fl2 Ob1 Ob2 Cl/B1 Cl/B2 Hn1 Hn2 Bn1 Bn2 CB