Suite from Terpsichore

Suite from Terpsichore is a medley of dance tunes from a collection published in 1610 by the German composer Michael Praetorius. It falls into five sections separated by pauses. Sections could be performed as individual pieces, but the suite was intended to be performed as a whole.

Some attempt is made to imitate with modern instruments the sound of an early 17th century band. For example, some sections imitate the sound of a consort of recorders, and one the sound of a consort of rackets. In some passages the flute/piccolo part imitates the improvised elaboration of the tune which was a feature of contemporary performance practice, and the player should feel free to vary what has been given according to taste.

The dances lend themselves to improvised percussion accompaniment, and performances have been given using triangle, tambourine and long drum.

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Fl Ob1 Ob2 Cl1 Cl2 Hn1 Hn2 Bn1 Bn2