8. Leap Frog

Leap Frog was written as a companion piece to Mozart's Divertimentos K166 and K186, which are scored for the unusual combination of octet plus two extra cors anglais. In this piece the two oboists also double cor anglais, for a section scored for four cors. The piece is a continuous movement based on a number of traditional British folk dance tunes. The tune Leap Frog is a Cotswolds Morris dance from Leafield, and it appears at the beginning and end, and, fragmentarily, between sections. An alternative version is available, scored for the 13 instruments used by Mozart in his Serenade #10 in B  flat, K361.

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Ob1 Ob2 CA1 CA2 Cl/A1 Cl/A2 Hn1 Hn2 Bn1 Bn2