What do I do if I have trouble downloading
or using the Sibelius Scorch files?

Downloading Sibelius Scorch

Sibelius Scorch files enable you to see the musical notation, hear a computer-generated performance, and download or print the file. In order to do this, you need to download an "ActiveX" plug-in from the Sibelius.com website, where more details are available. On-screen instructions for downloading the plug-in should appear on your screen when you first click on a Sibelius Scorch file.

If you have difficulty in downloading the plug-in, the most likely reason is that your computer is set to reject ActiveX software on grounds of security. If you wish to download the Scorch plug-in, you would then have to alter the security settings on your computer to allow the download. Often you will see a window which enables you to do this with a single mouse click; look for "allow ActiveX", or similar.

After you have downloaded Sibelius Scorch, some browsers will only run the plug-in when you restart them. To do this, just close your browser, and open it again. Browsers are applications with names like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

If the screen goes blank and seems to be asking you to reload Sibelius Scorch when you have already downloaded it, try closing your browser and re-opening it, as described above. If you have difficulty in downloading one particular file, it is possible that it may be corrupted, in which case please get in touch, and I will re-upload it.

Most users find the Sibelius website reliable; after all, it is a company with a reputation to lose. But if you are reluctant to download the plug-in, you will have to make do with the PDF files.

Using Sibelius Scorch

Once you have successfully opened a Scorch file, you will see a control bar with controls similar to those on a CD player.

  • Click on the two arrows on the left pointing left and right respectively to scroll through the pages of the score. They are inoperative if there is only one page.
  • Click on the two quavers if you need to change the sound output system. You probably don't.
  • The next five icons operate as if they were CD controls.
  • The button on the slider which appears next can be dragged left or right to slow down or speed up playback respectively.
  • Clicking on the floppy disc icon next enables you to download and save the score to wherever you want to; (floppies are not recommended for this purpose).
  • The printer icon enables you to print the score.
  • The orange Scorch symbol connects you to the Sibelius.com website, provided that you are online.

When playing back a score, you may need to scroll the page down a bit to see the staves. You can do this with the scroll bar on the extreme right of your screen, or with the mouse wheel.